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Watch Meet Central in action!

The easiest way to run your summer swim meet from start to finish

Before the Swim Meet

During the Swim Meet

Meet Central is the #1 App to run your Summer Swim Meet...

in less time, with less paper, and fewer volunteers. A swim meet experience so relaxing, your club’s parents will want to volunteer!

Timer, Relax!

  • Relax! The starter will start your clock
  • Tap-Tap-Tap, you’re done: No more handwritten (wet) time cards (or finding the runner)
  • Don’t worry, be happy! You’re clock is always in sync with the starter, no matter what

Watch a Timer Demo

Scorekeeper, Simple!

  • Real-Time Results! Replace wet time cards or DQ slips with a TV monitor
  • Print Ribbon Labels after each event, after the meet, or tomorrow
  • Here comes the Judge! Flexible place judging if needed
  • Swim in the cloud: Publish your swim meet to share with whomever you choose

Watch a Scorekeeper Demo

Starter, Control the Chaos!

  • Fill up the lanes! Combine heats and events easily
  • Simple, simple, simple! Integrates with the Colorado Infinity Starter
  • Have it your way! Flexible event order

Watch a Starter Demo

Stroke & Turn Judge, So Easy!

  • What, no paper? Yep, no wet DQ slips!
  • All the control, no fuss! Automatically tracks current event & heat
  • No way! DQs filtered by event — no long list to navigate

Watch a Judge Demo

The Clubhouse

Setting up your club is easy:

  • Add & manage your roster
  • Create your schedule for the season in a snap

Preparing for your next swim meet is simple:

  • Create Lane Assignments
  • Create Lineups
  • Merge the entire Heat Sheet

Track & share your club’s meet results with swimmers & parents:

  • Integrate Meet Central results into other team management solutions for maximum flexibility

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"Game Changer!! The team at HydroXphere has completely changed the way we run our summer swim league. We are now more efficient and more accurate thanks to Meet Central. Can't wait to see what Charlie and his team have in store for us in 2015."
Dan Berzansky League President, Orange County Swim League
"Our team loved using Meet Central this summer! We were able to engage our volunteers with the fun of using an app, and it simplified our meets."
MaryBeth Duprey Club President, Oxxford Hunt

Tarheel Swimming Association
"Meet Central has made the swim meet experience for the athletes, parents, and coaches much more enjoyable. The coaches and parents can now focus more on what matters - the swimmers. They are professional and have customer service that is second to none."
Ryan Larson Head Coach, Marbella Manta Rays

Our Friends

Synchronization is more fun and relaxing for everyone!

Synchronize your start

Integrate Meet Central with your Infinity Starter


Synchronized Timing

The Starter initiates every timer’s clock in unison

Synchronized Judging

Never leave your post as an official. Paperless judging is so easy

Synchronized Scoring

Real time team scores continually updated on the Scorekeeper after every heat. No delay in scores!

Team Management

Integrate your Meet Central swim meet results with any team management software

Print Ribbon Labels

Streamline the printing process on deck, during the swim meet

Ready for a Demonstration of Meet Central? Sign Up!