Summer meets are just around the corner so here are some must-have items to pack in your bag before the big day:

  1. Extra cap & goggles

    These are bound to be misplaced. Maybe even pack a back-up suit since they can tear.

  2. Hoodie & dry clothes

    Storing these in the car will come in handy for those unexpected rainy summer nights.

  3. Two or more towels

    There is no doubt a towel will be drenched within the first ten minutes of the meet.

  4. Gatorade and water bottle

    Hydration is key they say!

  5. Sharpies & highlighters

    For jotting down events and marking the heat sheet, or to draw “Eat My Bubbles!”

  6. Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

    Everyone knows swimmers are notoriously hungry.

  7. A few extra dollars

    For more snacks, of course.

  8. Sunscreen

    No one wants a goggle tan line.

  9. An infinite supply of hair ties

    This avoids the disastrous moment of one breaking before a race.

  10. Entertainment

    A deck of cards or coloring books are great to kill time in between events.

  11. Folding chairs

    Forget the pain of sitting on the ground and soaking another towel.



A POSITIVE attitude for a FUN night of racing!

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