For girls, it’s the thing they have been waiting for all season. For guys, in just a nuisance. Our coaches tell us to shave our body’s before a big swim meet, but why?


Does shaving your body actually impact your swims?



Aside from feeling like a slippery dolphin in the water, shaving will truly end up having multiple effects on the entire body! Shaving not only has physical effects but psychological effects on your performance as well.


The absence of hair on your body increases the hydrodynamics of your of your body through the water. Shaving removes the dead layers of skin which exposes more sensitive skin cells. This sensitivity is responsible for the incredible sensation you feel when you are swimming. This is the reason why your coach tells you not to put lotion on after you shave. Lotion clogs the pores and reduces the sensitivity you are looking for. It is reported that shaving can improve performances up to 3%-4%!


Additionally, shaving adds a psychologically boost to your swim. Swimmers believe that shaving their legs will help them drop time. The mind is a powerful tool! The legs aren’t the only part of the body that can be shaved; arms, back, head, palms (yes your hands), and feet can benefit from shaving. Talk about feeling the water! Shaving is a huge part of your big taper meets and will most certainly help your performances in more ways than one.



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