Ending Practice Earlier 

Be honest. You know one of the main reasons why you look forward to taper is because you get out of practice earlier. Although it doesn’t seem like much, getting out those 15-30 minutes earlier makes all of the difference. What you do with all your newfound time is up to you, but we all enjoy it.

Feeling Fast in the Water

You’re finally not sore anymore. You are not run down. You finally feel like you’re actually going somewhere when you move your arms. Long gone are the days of feeling sluggish and slow. Now you finally feel fast.

Elevators for Days

Stairs are for people who can afford to waste all of that extra effort. But YOU, you need to save up.

The Extra Energy

Speaking of all of that extra effort, you’re swimming less now. Which means you have all of this extra energy and you have no idea what to do with it.

Having an Excuse to Get Out of Almost Anything

“Sorry I can’t, I’m on taper.” Your non-swimmer friends probably don’t understand, but you can’t do anything else during this time. Someone needs help moving furniture? “Sorry. Taper.” Someone wants you to go on a run? “Nope. Taper.” You have a built-in excuse to get out of anything, and you use it.

Seeing All of Your Hard Work Pay Off

Photo Courtesy: Vaughn Ridley/Swimming Canada

The BEST thing about taper is finally seeing all of your hard work pay off. You’ve gone to doubles, lifted, stretched, gone to more doubles, and it’s finally time for it to show. You’ve put in all the hard work, and now it’s time to take the next week or two easy and swim fast.



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