The coaches were enthusiastic and fun, but most importantly, they wanted to make sure you were loving what you were doing. Because summer league is typically not as competitive as year-round club swimming, the coaching staff has more flexibility with their workouts and fun activities, allowing them to help swimmers develop a love for the sport.


Teammates are always great, regardless of the sport. However, the unique environment and structure of summer league allows the swimmers to spend the whole day with their teammates and ultimately cultivate relationships that have the potential to develop into life long friendships. Getting to the pool for practice in the early afternoon and then sticking around, snacking on ice cream and candy bars, and jumping off the diving boards is a perfect way to spend a summer day with teammates.

Friendly Environment

Due to the relaxed nature of summer league, there is far less pressure on swimmers to perform and meet qualification standards. This allows swimmers to experience healthy, friendly competition and focus on having fun as opposed to worrying about best times.


Having fun is a key ingredient to the sport, but it is frequently absent from year round programs leading to an increased burnout rate. The friendly staff and enjoyable environment make for great experiences on the pool deck. In summer league, you are not defined by your swimming times but the friendships you build with teammates and the love that you develop for the sport.


Creative & Fun Practices

Sharks and minnows or 25 corkscrew drill? These phrases bring joyous memories to summer league veterans who have made the transition to the year round grind.


Every swimmer would agree that training outdoors in warm weather is by far the best training environment. The air quality is infinitely better than that of an indoor pool, and the sunshine is sure to brighten everyone’s mood. This pleasant setting combined with the friendly staff helps build an incredible platform for young summer leaguers to fall in love with the sport.


Diving Boards

Another unique aspect to summer league is the diving board set up. These add an additional part to the playground of the pool which provides kids with endless amounts of fun. From learning new dives to perfecting cannonballs, one can spend his or her whole day on the boards having a blast. These are strictly off limits in nearly all year round establishments.



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