We’re excited to have you!

Whether you’re a summer league swimmer or a college stud, nothing makes you feel more at home than a warm welcome from your coach. It makes you feel like your time spent under this coach was worth every second.


Don’t worry about them

It’s very easy to get caught up comparing yourself to someone or a group of people even when you know it doesn’t matter. But nothing will clear your head like knowing your coach has your back and recognizes your own special talent.


Lets do more of _______________

Swimming is a repetitive sport, so whenever you get a chance to mix something up with permission from your coach, you have a reason to be excited!


You can be so much better!

This one stings because we all want to be perfect in the present. However, part of any sport is improvement, so knowing your coach can help to lead you to more success feels good.


Forget times, and race

I love getting the green light on primal racing. We forget how the love of racing got us into this sport, and that rush can always propel you forward.


Just have fun

This is cliché for sure, but if you’re not having fun, you are doing it wrong. Any coach who can remember this is a great coach to me.


Great practice today

The ultimate pay off for hard work (other than swimming fast at meets) is the satisfaction of a coach’s recognition.


I’m proud of you

As athletes, we love hearing this simple line. Swimmers bust their butts for their coaches and follow their difficult instructions for years at a time. Hearing this always allows me to go to sleep at night.




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