We all know that there aren’t many swim meets out there that go off without a hitch. One problem might lead to another and your meet is now 30 minutes behind schedule.

This recurring “little hitch” or other issues include anything from the lack of willing volunteers, broken equipment, and of course the unfavorable weather that happens to occur EVERY swim meet. These problems are sometimes unavoidable. Here is a list of a few issues that we all see regularly…

Bad Weather

Rain. Swimming may already involve being wet, but the rain is an added feature that most are not fond of. When you’re in the water, everything feels fine. But, when you’re out of the water, all your belongings are at risk of becoming soaked or damaged. What the swimmers don’t see is the volunteers scrambling to protect their papers from becoming wet. Those papers are what keep the meet on track. They are the heat sheets, race results, and disqualification cards. Without them, the meet would become disorganized and valuable information could be lost.

Human Error

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes! Parents and volunteers try their best to perform their assigned tasks but may run into a few problems here or there. Someone could lose a stopwatch, miss a start, assign the wrong lane to a swimmer, or make a mistake when entering in a swimmer’s time. These little mistakes can sometimes have huge consequences.

Technological Error

For the parents who are not technologically savvy, this can be a stressful part of the swim meet experience. Something as simple as using a stopwatch can be an issue. During the meet, there are volunteer members entering hundreds of race times into a computer to compile a meet’s results. This is a large window for mistakes to be made. These mistakes can go unnoticed and become a huge disappointment for the swimmer involved.


Swim meets are loud, crowded, and full of excitement. These can all lead to miscommunication between swimmers, coaches, and volunteers. Especially with the younger kids, lane assignments and heat sheets can be confusing. Kids can end up in the wrong lanes or heats and even miss a race because they were not informed of the timeline or of the order of events. Coaches have so much responsibility at a summer swim meet and can easily become oblivious to these simple mistakes.


HOLD ON! We have an awesome solution that eliminates many of these issues!

Meet Central is an easy-to-use app that is designed specifically for summer swimming and will eliminate many of these issues right off the bat! Not Tech-Savvy? Not to worry. The app is incredibly user-friendly! Are you looking for ways to run your meets in Less Time, with Less Paper, and with Fewer Volunteers? Who isn’t?


Imagine a summer swim meet experience with:

  • NO Manual Data/Time Entries

  • Real-Time Scoring

  • Automatic Synchronized Start for ALL Timers

  • Happy Swimmers, Parents, and Volunteers


It’s ALL possible with Meet Central!

See how it works!

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