The Importance of Role Models

When you look at successful teams, one of the most common themes you will find among them is hard work.   Sure, every single coach will tell you to work hard… It is their job of course! However, it takes … Read More

Why I Swim

If you are a swimmer, you have been asked this question a myriad of times: “Why do you swim?” It is a seemingly simple question that, for me, has many answers. I cannot pinpoint a specific reason for why I … Read MoreRead More

The Guide to Setting Goals

Almost every activity that someone engages in throughout his or her life can be benefitted from proper goal setting, both in and out of the water. Goals are a way for us to look into the future and think about … Read MoreRead More

Why You Should Keep a Taper Log

  What is Taper? As a swimmer, it is one of the greatest words in our vocabulary. It means rest, sleep, easy practices, and a final countdown to the meet you’ve been targeting all year. But in reality, taper can … Read MoreRead More

The 8 Reactions You Have After a Race

Swimming is a funny sport. You put hours and hours of training in, all for a couple of minutes of racing, or in some cases, seconds. When we finally hit that touch pad and finish up a race, it’s always … Read MoreRead More