Sprint Freestyle Spotlight

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Tips to Help Improve a Taper

Within the hard, strenuous, and rough season of swimming, all swimmers aspire for that one point in time where they can finally rest and recover. That rest and recovery is known as taper. Taper is a huge component for swimmers … Read MoreRead More

Watching Your Child Grow Up Through Swimming: A Dad’s Perspective

One constantly hears “Swim Mom” and “Team Mom” being thrown around to describe the dedicated parent of a swimmer or team. However, “Swim Dad” is often overlooked. For many of the club meets of my youth, it was my dad … Read MoreRead More

How much of an impact does shaving have on your swims?

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Why We Do It: The Love/Hate Relationship With Swimming

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6 Things We Love About Taper

Ending Practice Earlier  Be honest. You know one of the main reasons why you look forward to taper is because you get out of practice earlier. Although it doesn’t seem like much, getting out those 15-30 minutes earlier makes all of … Read MoreRead More

The Best Ways to Recover After Hard Practices

Drink water Many swimmers forget that even though they are in the water, their bodies are still sweating. A TON. Staying hydrated can help your muscles recover faster and will quickly aid the soreness to come. While many swimmers find … Read MoreRead More

Burnout Prevention:
The Importance of Breaks and Sport Diversification for Age-Groupers

Summer league swimming is the time and place where it all begins: where practice is fun, competition is friendly, and times don’t really matter. A key theme to that statement is enjoyment; a theme which too often disappears quickly in … Read MoreRead More

Traits of a Champion

A coach looks at his team of young men and women as they sit in a classroom for a scheduled meeting. He has a marker, a whiteboard, and a question that will teach a valuable lesson to his athletes. He … Read More

10 Obstacles of Being a Student Athlete

Photo Courtesy: Annie Murphy Paul 1. Time Management The biggest obstacle for student athletes is the race against the clock. We are on a tight schedule and constantly on-the-go. Managing time between swimming and school is difficult in more ways … Read MoreRead More