Flawless Summer Swim Meets? No Way!

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Coping with the Seasonal Highs and Lows: Advice from National Team Member Tim Phillips

Every swimmer experiences the ever-so emotional seasonal highs and lows. One week, you’re on cloud nine, destroying practice and going times that you have never gone before during test sets. You’re feeling great in the water. The swim meet that … Read MoreRead More

8 Things Swimmers Want to Hear from their Coaches

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Q&A with Katie Meili: The Importance of Nutrition

As swimmers, we always want to know what will make us better or how we can make that next big movement in our swimming career. We hear about the importance of nutrition and how it helps our body recover, but … Read MoreRead More

7 Things I Miss About Summer League

Coaches The coaches were enthusiastic and fun, but most importantly, they wanted to make sure you were loving what you were doing. Because summer league is typically not as competitive as year-round club swimming, the coaching staff has more flexibility … Read MoreRead More

The Difference Between Club and College Swimming

College and club swimming… It’s all the same, right? I mean, you’re still swimming with a team, working hard, and doing fly until your shoulders are dead, what could be so different? A lot, actually, and it all comes to light … Read MoreRead More

The Rivalry: Sprint VS Distance

Sprinters versus distance swimmers. A rivalry as old as time. With both groups being key components of every swim team and having the abilities to score valuable points during championship season, what brings such angst towards one another? … Read More

Sprint Freestyle Spotlight

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Tips to Help Improve a Taper

Within the hard, strenuous, and rough season of swimming, all swimmers aspire for that one point in time where they can finally rest and recover. That rest and recovery is known as taper. Taper is a huge component for swimmers … Read MoreRead More

Watching Your Child Grow Up Through Swimming: A Dad’s Perspective

One constantly hears “Swim Mom” and “Team Mom” being thrown around to describe the dedicated parent of a swimmer or team. However, “Swim Dad” is often overlooked. For many of the club meets of my youth, it was my dad … Read MoreRead More