Charlie Houchin

2012 Gold Medalist London Olympics — University of Michigan Swim Team

After a four year collegiate swimming career, Charlie graduated from the University of Michigan and blazed a trail from Southern California to Florida on his path towards making his first Olympic Team. Charlie trained with world-class coaches and individuals in both California and Florida, using IKKOS as the backbone of his swimming development.

After earning a gold medal at the London Olympics in the 4×200 Freestyle Relay, Charlie temporarily stepped away from the pool at the end of 2012 to lay much of the foundation for HydroXphere.

Charlie’s favorite part of the sport is the youth & parents involved in summer club swimming: HydroXphere’s mission. Having competed in summer club swimming throughout his entire childhood, it is a world Charlie knows well!

While training full-time as well as building the HydroXphere team, Charlie traveled to Barcelona as a member of the 2013 World Championships. Representing Team USA, Houchin capped a successful post-Olympic year by winning gold in the 4×200 Freestyle Relay with Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte, and Ricky Berens. The quartet of men extended Team USA’s dominance in the event to 10 consecutive years; the first victory in that stretch without Michael Phelps.

HydroXphere saw one of its first victories in 2013 when the business attracted long-time Entrepreneur Mike Curran. Mike and Charlie’s complimenting areas of knowledge and expertise successfully brought the partnership to fruition. However, it is both mens passion for serving the youth in the sport of swimming that made HydroXphere a natural fit.