You’re enthusiasm for us does not go unnoticed.

Dear Parents, We know we’re not the most enthusiastic when you wake us up in the morning. We know we’re not always excited about going to practice before school. We know that we’re not always the most cheerful after we … Read MoreRead More

6 Great Games for Summer Swim Practices

When it comes to summer league swimming, there is one thing you can always count on… GAMES! Maybe your team plays a game after a big win, on the last practice of the week, or whenever the coaches have run … Read MoreRead More

Meet Central

8 Ways to Speed Up Your Summer Swim Meets

We all love summer league swimming, but let’s be honest, hanging around the pool until 11 P.M. after the swim meet is NOT ideal. Not to mention, trying to get the kids in bed after the big win isn’t the … Read MoreRead More

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Summer Swimming

  Summer league swimming is a major highlight of any child’s summer. Who wouldn’t enjoy all of the friends, new games, and just loads of fun racing in the sun? Well unfortunately, there are many kids that continue to become … Read MoreRead More

3 Reasons Why Swim Parents Are So Important

Millions of kids across the country spend their summers in pools competing in summer league swimming. It’s a great place to make friends, exert wound up energy, and will become the grass roots of learning dedication, hard work, and goal … Read MoreRead More

5 Tips for a Summer League Swim Coach

My career as a swimmer began, as so many peoples’ do, through summer league swimming. My mom signed my twin brother and I up for our country club swim team because she said we had a natural affinity for the … Read MoreRead More

6 Things That Make Summer Swimming Fun

1. Team Cheers   Whether it’s a simple cheer or the cheer that takes five minutes, cheers are some of the fondest memories one will have of summer swimming. Not to mention, they are extremely hard to forget. At the … Read MoreRead More

7 Things you will hear at a summer league swim meet

1.   “Can I get a sharpie?”   We all see the infamous sharpies flying around the pool deck and we certainly know that you can never have enough of them. At first, they are used to write down the … Read MoreRead More

8 Things You Will See at Summer League Swim Meets

Summer swimming is finally here! Check out these 8 things that you will see all around your summer swim clubs during those fun swim meets… 1. “Eat My Bubbles” The classic phrase everyone sees written on the 10 & Under … Read MoreRead More

The Participant Swimmer

Imagine a little girl just touching the wall of the neighborhood pool. She pulls herself out in one smooth motion, while everyone else is just reaching the flags. She doesn’t even acknowledge the blue, 1st place ribbon placed in her … Read MoreRead More