Flawless Summer Swim Meets? No Way!

We all know that there aren’t many swim meets out there that go off without a hitch. One problem might lead to another and your meet is now 30 minutes behind schedule. This recurring “little hitch” or other issues include … Read MoreRead More

A Guide to Fighting a Taper Funk

Photo Courtesy: Tim Binning | theswimpictures.com So you’re a week out of your big meet. Your teammates around you are bouncing off the walls talking about how “fresh” they feel. You smile and nod, too scared to let on the … Read MoreRead More

3 Things Swimming Will Not Teach You

If you’ve ever been around the sport of swimming, you know the dedication and commitment it requires. Both of which are incredible life lessons. And this is one of the best things about participating in sports; you will learn many … Read MoreRead More

5 Tips to Hit the Perfect Taper

It’s the part of the season that everyone waits all year for. Where your body and mind constantly goes back and forth between feeling amazing one week, and not so hot the next…   It’s taper time.   Tapering in … Read MoreRead More

10 Ways to Spot a Swimmer

Swimmers are a rare breed. They have the willpower to wake up before the sun rises to jump into a cold pool, and still conquer a day filled with school, work, and probably another round of practice. You’ve probably been around … Read MoreRead More

7 Things you will hear at a summer league swim meet

1.   “Can I get a sharpie?”   We all see the infamous sharpies flying around the pool deck and we certainly know that you can never have enough of them. At first, they are used to write down the … Read MoreRead More

Matt Kredich Talks Meet Central™

  Matt Kredich, the University of Tennessee Head Coach, has incredible things to say about Meet Central. With 20+ years of coaching under his belt, coach Kredich knows the ins and outs of swimming, from summer league to the international … Read MoreRead More