Why I Swim

If you are a swimmer, you have been asked this question a myriad of times: “Why do you swim?” It is a seemingly simple question that, for me, has many answers. I cannot pinpoint a specific reason for why I swim, as there are so many factors that have led me to swim and to continue to swim for so long. Here are a few reasons why I swim:Read More

The Guide to Setting Goals

Almost every activity that someone engages in throughout his or her life can be benefitted from proper goal setting, both in and out of the water. Goals are a way for us to look into the future and think about what position we want to be in and what we want to have accomplished by that time. For example, in school if you wish to achieve a certain GPA, you must think about the necessary tasks and steps along the way in order to reach that score. … Read More

Why You Should Keep a Taper Log


What is Taper?

As a swimmer, it is one of the greatest words in our vocabulary. It means rest, sleep, easy practices, and a final countdown to the meet you’ve been targeting all year. But in reality, taper can be extremely stressful. The pressure to perform and “feel good” is at an all-time high. … Read More

The 8 Reactions You Have After a Race

Swimming is a funny sport. You put hours and hours of training in, all for a couple of minutes of racing, or in some cases, seconds. When we finally hit that touch pad and finish up a race, it’s always intriguing to see how a swimmer reacts. The resulting display of reactions can put on a show for the fans and spectators in the stands. Not to mention, those reactions will quickly hint toward the swimmers that want to hear “Great Job!” or the ones that want to be completely left alone.

1. Satisfied

We all know the satisfied look and nod… likely the most common at a midseason meet from an athlete is just looking to see progress. While simple satisfaction might not be the most fun and rewarding, hitting our goals and making progress will certainly do. … Read More

10 Obstacles of Being a Student Athlete

Photo Courtesy: Annie Murphy Paul

1. Time Management

The biggest obstacle for student athletes is the race against the clock. We are on a tight schedule and constantly on-the-go. Managing time between swimming and school is difficult in more ways than one. Figuring out how you are going to prioritize academics and swimming is hectic. Choosing to hang out with friends on Saturday night or to do homework is a common and disciplined choice we must make.

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The 5 Greatest Michael Phelps Races of All Time

From bursting on the Olympic scene at the tender age of 15 to winning 8 Olympic gold medals in Beijing, Michael Phelps has dominated the swimming world. Each summer Olympics since 2000 has been highlighted by his memorable performances – and the “Phelps Face”. Each time he dives into the water, a world record is at risk of being broken. The excitement he creates within the sport is unrivaled, and after his retirement one can only hope that he returns for a final shot at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Here are his five greatest races, in no particular order:


  1. 100 fly at the 2008 Beijing Olympics – Phelps makes one of the greatest individual comebacks of all time to shock Cavic at the wall, out touching him by .01 and keeping his gold streak alive.

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You’re enthusiasm for us does not go unnoticed.

Dear Parents,

We know we’re not the most enthusiastic when you wake us up in the morning. We know we’re not always excited about going to practice before school. We know that we’re not always the most cheerful after we do poorly in a race. We know that swim meets are long and boring.

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A Guide to Fighting a Taper Funk

Photo Courtesy: Tim Binning | theswimpictures.com

So you’re a week out of your big meet. Your teammates around you are bouncing off the walls talking about how “fresh” they feel. You smile and nod, too scared to let on the secret you are holding in: you feel horrible!


First thing to do is to take a deep breath; this is one of the most common things you will experience in your swimming career – the infamous “Taper Funk” or “Taper Blues.” Odds are, some of your friends who are talking about how good they feel, might even be hiding some insecurities about their taper as well. It is all going to be okay. Here are some helpful things to apply when that doubt starts to creep up on you…

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What Motivates a Swimmer?

Swimmers are unrelenting. Swimmers are tireless. Swimmers are resolute.

Swimmers can be described as many things and have many positive characteristics that make them unique athletes. Swimmers do things that other athletes would consider impossible. They wake up earlier, train longer, and repeat a process over and over with the hopes of seeing continuous results. And they do this for years! Aside from a few outliers, swimmers do not usually see success in the pool right away. It takes them a very long time to achieve their goals. Practice makes perfect. But, sometimes, perfect still is not good enough. … Read More

A Fun Set for the Younger Swimmers in Your Group

The set is something that I used to love doing as a kid and that I still love to do it when I’m coaching the younger groups. It’s called the Stopwatch Game. All you’re going to need is a stopwatch and a white board.Read More