Shorter swim meets. Fewer volunteers required to run each meet. No more wet paper slips.
Change can be hard for volunteer-run leagues. Meet Central makes it easy!
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League Admin: The Clubhouse
Your entire league at your fingertips

Age cut-off: We know you’ve got an age cut-off date. No problem!

Add your event order: Create your event order(s) for your season. The headache of sending swim meet file attachments is over.

Your league in one place: Manage & assist each club under one roof. Tailored specifically for summer swim leagues.

Add other league admins: Delegate & conquer! Add other league administrators to help run the summer season.

Club Admin: The Clubhouse
Setup your entire season in seconds

Roster: Upload your roster with a single click!

Meet Schedule: Add your meet schedule for the entire season in seconds. Visiting clubs will automatically see the swim meet added in their Clubhouse meet schedule!

Zero manual data-entry: Your clubs reports are automatically updated every time a new swim meet is published from the pool deck with the Meet Central™ app!


Coaches Role
Who has the computer for entries? Everyone does.

Live meet entries: Each coach on your club can work on his/her part of the lineup from anywhere with an internet connection!

No file shuffle: No more attaching meet/entry files and emailing the night before the swim meet. Merge the heat sheet, all under in the Meet Central Clubhouse, with a single click.

Strategize and conquer: Real-time entry tracker per swimmer, visualize your athlete’s times, and strategize to create your team’s best lineup.

Zero data-entry. Seamless. Delightful.

Swimmer: Dynamic time reports for each swimmer on your roster. Times automatically update and sync with your Live Meet Entries for next week.

Swim meet: High point tracking, dynamic age group searches, personal best & DQ reports.

Your club: Dynamic time searches across your entire club.

League leaderboard: Optional for your league. Track top times across your entire league and share with whoever you choose!


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Synchronized Start: Automatically start each timer’s clock with a single tap from the Starter!

Embrace the Chaos: Combine heats AND events during the meet on the fly. Meet Central can handle ANY changes on the pool deck!

Shorter Swim Meets: Use the Quick Start feature to shorten your swim meet by 30-90 minutes!


Zero Data-Entry. Forever: Validate results as they appear wirelessly. No runners. No wet paper.

Ultimate Control: Review, edit, or overturn any results in then make before making that event official.

Real-Time Ribbon Ribbon Labels: Print or save your ribbon labels & results during the meet, right from the Scorekeeper. We didn’t forget that 😉



Never Miss a Start Again: Timers never have to start their watch again. Timers never have to worry about resetting their watch for the next race. Simple!

Automatically Averages Times: The times in each lane are automatically averaged. Tap on any result to view each individual time sent by timers in that lane. Edit if necessary.

No Wet Paper Slips: Never hand-write on a wet time card and wait for a runner again!


No Wet DQ Slips: DQ a swimmer with a tap. Wet DQ slips are a thing of the past!

Easy to Spot Infractions: DQ infractions filtered by the event in the water. Never have to filter through unnecessary infractions.

DQ Log at Your Fingertips: Review & overturn any DQs throughout the swim meet.


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