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Annual Membership
$3.95/per swimmer
Our cost structure creates a minimal financial impact on Summer swim clubs. Clubs using Meet Central pass the annual membership through to registration dues. We collect the annual membership after your club has collected registration dues.
The Annual Membership Includes:
The Meet Central app: Starter, Scorekeeper, Timers & Stroke and Turn Judge operations included in app (free download for meet volunteers)
Cloud-based Meet Central Clubhouse: Manage your roster & meet schedule from anywhere
Training & Support
The Meet Central™ Starter Kit Includes (One-Time Purchase Required for New Clubs): $299.95
1 outdoor plug & play WiFi router: No configuration required, no internet required
12 waterproof pouches & lanyards: Keep your Timer & Judge devices safe from the elements!
2 battery sticks
Questions about pricing? Call us.
(866) 377-SWIM (7946)

Meet Central Concierge Services

Best Times Report

When your club joins the Meet Central community, we will take all of your swimmers’ best times and enter them into the Clubhouse so you will be ready for the summer season with Meet Central! (New Teams)

Trusted by clubs and teams worldwide

When Meet Central was brought to our team I was a little skeptical at first. All of those feelings went away after our first meet. Not only did Meet Central substantially cut my prep time down for the meets, but our meets ran smoother and more efficient. We were able to lower the number of volunteers needed for the meet and parents were able to get their child’s times much sooner. Our first season working with Meet Central really was a great experience, and I can’t imagine going back to the way we used to run our meets.
Katie Humphries Assistant Coach, Lakemont Swim Club
It takes a lot to run a summer swim meet; lots of volunteers that all have to be on the same page. Meet Central takes a lot of that complex preparation out of the equation, making it easier for parents and volunteers. That leads to more time actually watching and working with the kids--a win for everyone.
Peter Vanderkaay US Olympic Gold Medalist
They were able to combine the starter, timer, judge, scorekeeper, and overall meet cohesiveness into one application. It was efficient, and quite flexible in incorporating swimmer changes, heat consolidations, timing, all in a paperless environment. I was the stroke and turn judge and it was very easy to use. I was able to see the starter and timer and it was just as easy to use. Scoring was complete right after the last heat was swum.
Gary Jameson Stroke & Turn Judge, Williamson County Swim League
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