Here are 8 Sprint Freestyle/Hypoxic sets to incorporate into your sprint training!

 49​ ​50’s freestyle

● Seven rounds of seven 50’s freestyle on 40, 45, or 50 seconds.

● The seven rounds go as follows:

○ Round 1:​ Six 50’s easy, one 50 all-out (fast). The interval chosen for round 1 will be the interval for the entire set. Choose wisely.

○ Round 2:​ Five 50’s easy, two 50’s all-out (fast).

○ Round 3: ​Four 50’s easy, three 50’s all-out.

○ Round 4: ​Three 50’s easy, four 50’s all-out.

○ Round 5: ​Two 50’s easy, five 50’s all-out.

○ Round 6: ​One 50 easy, six 50’s all-out.

○ Round 7: ​Seven 50’s all-out.


30 50’s Freestyle/Freestyle Kick

● Three rounds of ten 50’s on a descending interval. Rounds one and two are freestyle swim and round three is freestyle kicking with a board.

○ Four 50’s on 1:30 all-out. ​Try to hold the pace of your second 50 in a 100 freestyle.

○ One 50 on 1:20 all-out.

○ One 50 on 1:10 all-out.

○ One 50 on 1:00 all-out.

○ One 50 on 0:50 all-out.

○ One 50 on 0:40 all-out.

○ One 50 on 0:30 all-out.


23 100’s Freestyle

● All 23 100’s are on 1:40.

● The order of 100’s are as follows:
○ 1 easy, 1 fast.
○ 1 easy, 2 fast.
○ 1 easy, 3 fast.
○ 1 easy, 4 fast.
○ 1 easy, 3 fast.
○ 1 easy, 2 fast.
○ 1 easy, 1 fast.

● The goal of this set is to stay consistent and to focus on minor details like turns and breathing with a good head position.


Never ending 100’s……

● The goal of this set is to last longer than your teammates by continuously making the descending interval. If done properly, the set will become more and more difficult.

● The first 100 will start at 1:20 and each following interval will be one second less than the previous.
○ #1 – 1:20
○ #2 – 1:19
○ #3 – 1:18
○ #4 – 1:17………..

● This continues until there is only one person left. They are the “winner” of the set.

● Don’t leave early. It will only hurt you in the end.


16 100’s on 1:40

● Four rounds of four 100’s with a hypoxic focus. Paddles and buoy are optional.

● The 100’s will be as follows:
○ #1 – 4-3-2-1 breathing pattern by lap. (Four breathes allowed on first lap, three breathes allowed on second lap, 2 breathes allowed on third lap, and 1 breathe allowed on the fourth lap.)
○ #2 – 3-3-2-1 breathing pattern by lap.
○ #3 – 2-2-2-1 breathing pattern by lap.
○ #4 – 1-1-1-1 breathing pattern by lap.

● Repeat 3 more rounds.


Australian Relays!

● This is an exciting set that will simulate a race situation and encourage competition.

● This is an 8×25 relay between two teams with 4 people on each side of two neighboring lanes.

● The teams will have their first swimmer start on opposite ends of the pool. The relay will be over when one team laps the other team. After the swimmer gets out, they will go to the end of the relay line and wait to go again. This will happen several or many times.

● This could last only a few minutes or it could go on for a very long time. This depends on how equally the teams are distributed.

● Here is a photo to better your understanding:


300 Kick For Time

● Three 50’s kick with a board on 1:00. Descend from moderate, to fast, to all-out.

● Three 100’s kick with a board on 1:40. Descend from moderate, to fast, to all-out.

● Three 150’s kick with a board on 2:30. Descend from moderate, to fast, to all-out.

● Remember the times of your third 50, 100, and 150 and add them up for a
cumulative time.

● Finish with an all-out 300 kick with a board and try to finish within 10 seconds from your added-up time.


Good Luck!



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