Swim With an Olympian

Your chance to see the Meet Central app first-hand while your swimmers get a one-on-one experience with an Olympic gold medalist!


What is a Swim With an Olympian?

Olympic Gold Medalist Charlie Houchin will visit your hometown and share his amazing experiences with your swimmers! (Reminder: Bring your camera and shirts/caps for autographs!)

What you need to know:

HydroXphere™ will bring you…

1. An inspiring, fun Olympian

2. A Olympic Gold Medal for your swimmers to touch, wear, take pictures with etc…

3. Meet Central™ – The most relaxing way to run your summer swim meets

We do ask a few small things of you…

1. Something to swim in. We recommend a pool, 4 to 8 lanes.

2. Club & League representatives, parents, and SWIMMERS to join the fun clinic event and Meet Central™ demo! Invite other teams and the league board to the event! (board members, team reps, etc.)

3. Airfare travel is all we ask. We will take care of the rest!

So drop the stress and complexity, and instead sign up for your Swim with an Olympian experience!

Swim With an Olympian Photo Gallery