Attending a Meet Centralâ„¢ swim meet this Summer? Not yet a user? Not to worry!

At the beginning of the season, send us your roster (not your lineup, you can keep that a secret if you want 😉 ) and we’ll take care of the rest.
Here are the benefits of attending a Meet Centralâ„¢ swim meet:

Using Meet Centralâ„¢ is Fun

The Meet Centralâ„¢ app offers timers, judges, and officials a fun way to volunteer and operate the swim meet. Truly, the hassle of finding volunteers is over!

Zero Data Entry

Print ribbon labels and event results without ANY data entry…hand-written or typed!

Real-Time Results

Enjoy real-time results after every race. Results include swimmer’s name, club affiliation, and updated team scores. Need a copy of the results for another team management system? We’ll send that to you as well.

No cost to you!

Enjoy the opportunity to try cutting edge technology in our sport at no cost!

Stop trying to manage the chaos of Summer swimming
and let Meet Centralâ„¢ embrace it!

Click here to download your roster template
Roster Template

Populate your Roster

Download the template above and copy your roster into the excel template (email field optional); easy!

Send us your Roster

Email your roster to
Please include your club’s name in the subject line.

Enjoy the Swim Meet

At no cost, enjoy & relax all the benefits of Meet Centralâ„¢ this Summer!

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