“Swammer” is your new title after finishing your career of endless practices and chlorine burn. Here are some things to notice once you retire the cap and goggles:

You actually have eyebrows.

As a swimmer it was completely normal to have bleached brows, but those facial caterpillars will soon grow back.

Your stomach does not growl 24/7.

Some swimmers worry about overeating when their careers are done, but without the hours of exercise in the pool you won’t feel the need to consume 8,000 calories a day.

You forget to shave your legs and no longer have the excuse “I am a swimmer.”

Trained to only do it once or twice a year, shaving is a habit that will have to be learned (boys can breathe a sigh of relief).

There are other sports to play that are on land.

How can this be? Swimming is life. And we lack coordination.

You need to shower more often.

There is no more “chlorine perfume.”

The clock goes past 10:00 p.m.

With morning practices at the crack of dawn you did not dare to see the hours past 10 o’clock.

You can wake up early with little issues.

Getting up early is made easier thinking “I would have been practicing for an hour or two already.”

You have to get in the habit of saying “I SWAM for” and not “I SWIM for.”

You will catch yourself telling others that you are still a swimmer which is understandable because it is in our blood and it will always be.



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